Thank you for using the SurfBouncer Free Proxy

Thank you for using the SurfBouncer Free Proxy


This proxy service will provide access to several popular social networking sites.  For sites available through this proxy service, see the list at the bottom of the page. Aside from this list, no other sites are available through this proxy.

Our proxy is not intended to  make you anonymous or hide your identity by masking your IP address. When visiting web sites, your actual IP address is what the web site will obtain. This service is provided free and "as is". We do not provide technical support for the free proxy service

Our IP address changes and a new proxy IP address is provided on this site, daily. This feature makes the proxy significantly more difficult to block and is therefore more useful in allowing access to blocked web sites. Simply bookmark this page and visit it daily to get your IP address for the day.


Today's Free Proxy address  

To use the proxy, enter the day's IP address in your browser's proxy settings and set it to port 80. See the 2 images below for how to set it up. This example is from the Firefox browser. However all of the browsers have similar settings.

SurfBouncer Free Proxy Free Proxy Server

Do you need to get to web sites outside of those available with free proxy services?

Do you need an encrypted connection for security and privacy?

Do want to use our IP address when on the web instead of yours?

Do you require unlimited bandwidth and high speed?

Do you want to choose from servers allover the world?


Proxies are easily blocked and many countries and institutions have implemented firewalls that will detect and block proxies as soon as they are used.

Many web sites that use advanced features are based on Flash or Java scripts to support this functionality. Proxies don't work well in this environment and often fail to properly render these advanced web pages.

The proxy only works through your web browser or other proxy-enabled software. You have to configure each piece to use the proxy connection. Many applications and web browser features, such as Java, will not go through the proxy -- they are transmitted across your normal connection. The VPN works on the level of your actual network and all traffic, regardless of the source, goes thorough the VPN for security, privacy and unblocking purposes.

The answer is the Personal VPN Service. Unlike a proxy, the VPN unblocks all web sites, has unlimited bandwidth, works great with video and secures your connection and identity. Go to our home page for additional information.



Sites accessible through this free proxy:

Aim, Amazon, Aol, Ask, Backflip, Ballhype, Bebo, Bing, Blogger, Blogmarks, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Dubaiforums, Earthfrisk, Facebook, Fark, Faves, Favorites, Flickr, Friendfeed, Google, Gmail, Hatena, Hotmail, Iliketotallyloveit, Jabber, Kaboodle, Kirsty, Link-a-gogo, Linkedin, Live, Livejournal, Meneame, Metafilter, Mister-wong, Mixx, Msn, Multiply, Myaol, Myspace, Netvibes, Netvouz, Newsvine, Nujij, Nrkut, Plaxo, Propeller, Reddit, Searchles, Segnalo, Shanghaiist, Shoutwire, Simply, Simpy, Slashdot, Spurl, Stumbelupon, Sechnorati, Tipd, Tumbir, Tweeter, Twitter, Typepad, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Yahoo, Yardbarker, Youtube


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