Pre-Configured GL.iNET VPN WiFi Routers

Routers pre-configured with your VPN or Dedicated server credentials.

Plug and Play VPN access.

Supports both OpenVPN and WireGuard.

This Plug and Play Mini VPN Travel Router is configured by us for your SurfBouncer Personal VPN account or Dedicated server VPN

Just connect the router to the local WiFi or Ethernet connection. Then connect your devices to it’s Wireless interface.

You are automatically on the VPN which prevents traffic from reaching the Internet without the VPN up and running.

This is ideal for any of your devices but especially those devices that are difficult to configure or outright won’t accept VPN connections including all Smart TV’s, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and others.

Works with any device that can connect to a WiFi network.

Tether to your phone or USB 4G card for instant VPN access.

Automatic Kill switch kills the internet connection upon VPN drop. Your real IP address will not leak out.

Two models are available.  The Standard router is the GL-AR300M Mango and the Extended router is the GL-AR750S as shown below. See the Drop down below.

SurfBouncer GL.iNET Pre Configured Routers

Choose a Router - Current Customers Only

This offer only applies to customers having an active SurfBouncer Subscription