Frequently Asked Personal VPN Questions

What is SurfBouncer?

SurfBouncer is a Personal VPN service operating on our worldwide, encrypted network. It provides access to very high-encryption (OpenVPN 256 bit AES encryption, SHA512 hash, 4096 bit RSA signatures and TLS 256 AES) VPN servers in order to secure your connection to the Internet as well as unblock connections to the Internet. We offer several versions of our Personal VPN service to fit every budget and need.

VPN Protocols available: OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2 and L2TP

Our free DNS filters out advertisements, tracking sites, malware sites and phishing sites.

Also available are VPN routers for securing your entire home or small business network, a VPN Flash Drive for ultimate portability, a Static and Dedicated IP VPN service.

How long has this been available?

SurfBouncer Personal VPN service has been available since 2006. We have customers around the world using the service to unblock web sites and as a hotspot VPN to ensure their privacy and protect against identity theft at public hotspots. The service also is also your first line of defense against your ISP logging all your web activity and selling it to others for profit.

Payment Information:

Our payment methods are Credit Cards via secure processor, PayPal, Amazon Payments and BitCoin. By offering these methods, we ensure complete privacy with your credit card information since we never see your actual credit card number. In addition, by offering multiple methods, you can choose how you want to pay.

By using Credit Cards, Amazon Payments or PayPal, you set up a recurring subscription that re-bills automatically. Your account is always current and you needn’t worry about forgetting to send in your payment. Nor will you experience an interruption in service*.

By using BitCoin, you set up non-recurring payments. We bill you when your current term expires and you have total control over when a payment is made. By offering both options, we strive to meet the varied needs of our customers.

The cost of the service varies, based upon the term of service chosen.

The software we provide is open source (OpenVPN and WireGuard).  By using open source off the shelf software you are assured that there are no logging routines, tracking aplications and other spyware often associated with other providers propriety software.

If you wish to use PayPal or Amazon Payments for a single non-recurring payment instead of BitCoin, simply place the order then cancel the subscription. Your service will terminate when the term is over. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you, upon request.

With any of these payment methods, you are always in control of how you want to pay.

How quickly is my account set up?

To protect your privacy and personal information to the maximum our VPN authentication servers are not tied to the SurfBouncer web site or order pages. This ensures that there is no connection between the order pages and the actual secure VPN servers. Other VPN companies that provide for instant setup of the purchase have been hacked multiple times and their users information including email addresses and identities stolen. With our system you may have to wait a few hours for your account to be set up. But you can be assured that your personal information, VPN credentials and connection information are completely secure and offline.

How can I cancel my service?

If you used a Credit Card directly, PayPal or Amazon Payments to purchase your subscription simply log into your account and cancel the subscription. This will not affect your current term but will prevent it from renewing upon expiration. If you paid with BitCoin there is nothing to do as the subscription must be renewed manually and will expire when it is finished.

Do you offer free trials or evaluations?

No. There are a great many spammers and hackers out there who would love to get their hands on free IP addresses from all over the world. This would allow them to send out millions of spam emails and make all sorts of purchases on fraudulent credit cards without anyone knowing who they are. We also found that these folks don’t like to give their credit card information to get this kind of service. So, to secure our network and safeguard others, we do not provide free service. You can try the service for as little as $3.00 a week. If you don’t want to commit to a long term, just try it for a week. We are happy to refund any unused payment portion if you upgrade to a longer term option.

How do I set up Personal VPN service?

Once you have subscribed to the service, we set you up in our servers and email you a user name and password plus instructions. You will need this information to log in and create your encrypted connection. We will send this information within a few hours of subscribing to the service.

How do you protect me from my ISP recording everything I do and selling that information?

Recent legislation in the USA has made it easier for your cable, cellular, DSL or other Internet provider to capture and sell  all of your personal information sent over their network. This includes pretty much everything you do or say on line. SurfBouncer prevents this by encrypting the connection, blinding your ISP of all your activities. Since SurfBouncer keeps no logs or any records on your connection your personal information is secured.

How do you protect me against search engine profiling?

Major search engines have begun profiling their users and identifying their browsing habits and web sites visited, to target advertisements and create profiles of people. Many people prefer not to have their privacy invaded in this way. SurfBouncer uses multiple IP addresses and changes them often. We also never re-use an IP address. What this means is that, even if you go to the same search engine every day, over time you will be appearing to come from multiple locations. Since the IP addresses are short lived and there are many users, using these varying IP’s limits the ability of the search engine to track you by IP address. Of course, you also need to take other precautions as discussed in the Personal VPN FAQ.

Without SurfBouncer, is any consumer Wi-Fi network totally secure?

No wireless Wi-Fi network or hotspot is totally secure. Everyone who is using the network, with the right tools, can see everyone else on the hotspot or network. The tools to do this are available, for free, on the internet. Even a school kid can download these tools and use them to spy on you. It’s up to you to shield yourself from these unseen threats and achieve VPN privacy.

Are there cheaper VPN services?

Yes, there might be some services that are cheaper. Some things you need to consider about these services: Does the VPN service provider have the ability to turn up an unlimited number of servers to handle traffic flow all day every day? Can the VPN service provider switch the IP addresses of their servers, instantly, to bypass blocks? Do they provide multiple protocols to unblock even the most restricted networks? Do they have servers in different locations to provide complete network fault tolerance? Does that competing service offer a VPN router to secure an entire network? Do they offer high-encryption VPN servers for those who want maximum protection? How about a static IP address, a virtual machine VPN  or VPN Flash Drive VPN? SurfBouncer provides all of these features and more!

What about free alternatives?

There are a few free applications out there that provide what may seem like viable protection from spying intruders. However, many of these free alternatives provide their own spam in the form of advertisements and links to other web sites. They limit your bandwidth, are often unreliable or don’t work on some networks.

Most if not all of them also scan your data for marketing purposes and build databases based on your private data.

The people funding some of these these free sites include foreign governments and billionaire investors from foreign countries. When a billionaire invests in a free VPN company you can be assured that they are going to make a return on their investment by data profiling your every move on the internet and selling that information. If Government agencies are funding the free VPN, well that’s just obvious.

SurfBouncer provides industrial strength servers and encryption with no advertisements and no spyware. Unlike some services, we never sell, loan or share any of your personal information with anyone.

Be very wary of free or open proxy servers. They are universally slow and easy to block. A significant number of them are traps set up by hackers to compromise your personal information and computer. Don’t risk your identity with one of these solutions when VPN security will give you complete peace of mind that your information is safe.

The bottom line is that free is rarely really free and you may have more to lose by using the free alternative than spending a few dollars a month.

*Assuming all attempted charges are cleared by the payment processor