How to setup PPTP and L2TP service for iPhone and iPad

NOTE: Apple has removed PPTP from the most recent versions of the iDevices and only L2TP is now supported.

Initial setup:

1) Select ‘Settings’ from the main screen
2) Select ‘General’
3) Select ‘Network’
4) Select ‘VPN’
5) Select ‘Settings’
6) Select ‘PPTP’ or ‘L2TP’ and set the following:

Server: Use the server name provided in your registration email
Account: Enter your user name from your registration email
Password: Enter your password from your registration email
PPTP – Encryption Level: Set to auto
L2TP: Enter preshared key we provide
Send all traffic: ON
Proxy: OFF

7) Save settings
8) Connect

Connecting after initial setup:

Select ‘Settings’ from Home screen
Set VPN to ‘ON’

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