How to setup PPTP or L2TP service on the Android Phone

We recommend L2TP for Android devices unless it is blocked in your area

Initial Setup:

Go to ‘Settings’
Select ‘Wireless Controls’
Select ‘VPN Settings’
Select ‘Add VPN’
For PPTP, Select ‘Add PPTP VPN’
Enter a descriptive name at ‘Set a VPN name’
Enter the server name we provide to you at ‘Set VPN’
For L2TP, enter the IPSEC preshared key we sent you in the L2TP/PPTP setup email. Do not check the L2TP secret box.
Press ‘Menu’ and ‘Save’

You might be asked to set a password for storage of the preshared key. If so, pick a password. This allows the key to be saved and not require it to be entered each time. Be sure to write down the password for future reference.

To connect:

Go to ‘Settings’
Select ‘Wireless Controls’
Connect to the network name you entered above
Enter your user name and password
Click on ‘Connect’
A key icon will appear indicating that you are connected

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