Terms of Service

1 – We provide you with VPN services to secure your internet connection and unblock websites.

2 – We do not throttle or limit this connection in any way.

3 – There is no limit on how much you use it.

4 – Only one connection, per user ID, is allowed onto the service at any given time. However, you may install the software on as many of your devices as you wish.

5 – Our basic product provides service via OpenVPN. Any device that supports OpenVPN can be connected to the network. You can also use our PPTP and L2TP services for devices such as iPhone and iPad and Android based phones and tablets.

6 – We do not record any of your data. We do not keep any user logs. We do keep connection-related logs for 7 days, to aid in troubleshooting your connection. We know that you have connected during this 7 day period but we do not log any of the data you have transmitted or any of the web site locations you have visited at any time.

7 – Using our service for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited. We are a USA-based company. Should you engage in any activity that violates US federal, state or local laws, you are in violation of the terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to, sending SPAM emails, using our servers in relation to various click fraud schemes and/or downloading or distributing copyright protected material where such activities are illegal.

8 – We will not sell, or in any way provide to anyone else, your personal user information with the exception of matters where designated by law to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or subpoena.

9 – Your use of the service represents your agreement to all of these terms.

Refunds: We guarantee that the Personal VPN related services will work on your computer and allow you access to our VPN servers. If you are unable to connect and, after sufficient information has been provided, we still cannot resolve the issue for you — we will refund your payment. Once you are using the service there are no refunds. For dedicated server orders there are no refunds once the server has been built. No other refunds are available.

If you have questions regarding your service you can email us at info@surfbouncer.com