Who’s Watching You?

Everyone has read recent news revelations about governments spying on just about everyone on the internet. Thousands of articles have been published in the news about major internet companies spying on their users to create massive databases. The end goal of these databases, as recently published in several news articles, is to let the companies and governments that are doing this into your brain. They want to be able to know what you are thinking — before you even think of it. And make a lot of money by selling this information.

Public networks have made it easy to get online in virtually every city and town. Unfortunately, it has also made it simple for hackers to grab your data directly from these public networks. SurfBouncer prevents the identity hacker from gaining access to your data by guarding it at the source, acting as a hotspot shield.

SurfBouncer creates what is known as a ‘Personal VPN’ encrypted tunnel leading to a secure, external server that protects your data from unwanted snooping. It shields your identity on the internet.

Without VPN privacy, anyone watching you can see the web sites you are visiting and the things you are writing. They can follow you from site to site learning everything about you and your habits.

Most email (even many private email services) are not encrypted. Or, they are encrypted so poorly that they might as well not be. Therefore, if your password is not encrypted, anyone watching can read your email. As a result, they could even log in as you and send emails in your name. If the privacy and security of your email matters to you then, at a minimum, use a VPN.

Instant messenger software is not, typically, encrypted. If you chat on instant messenger, your entire conversation can easily be recorded. Since SurfBouncer encrypts everything, this can’t happen while using our VPN service.

The owner of every network you are on, including your ISP, knows everything you have done online. And now thanks to recent legislation in the USA, they can soon sell this for profit.  All ISP’s have government monitoring servers installed on their networks. Which means government agencies know everything the ISP knows about you.

The owner of every web site you visit knows your IP address and, therefore, can find out who and where you are. Large companies keep track of this information and can correlate your IP address across multiple web sites to build a complete profile of your surfing habits. This is referred to as ‘data mining’. By picking up small pieces of information from various places and comparing them across databases, they can develop an excellent picture of who you are — your likes, dislikes and whole personality. By providing our IP address to the web sites you visit, SurfBouncer Personal VPN helps prevent the collection of this information by large, corporate, data-mining and advertising sites. Read more about protecting yourself on the internet on our Personal VPN FAQ.

Hackers can use your IP address to do a domain name lookup. A domain name lookup is a trace of your IP address that will reveal very personal information including your internet service provider (ISP) and, in some cases, your street address and/or home phone number. The SurfBouncer VPN server acts as an IP ‘mask’ so that, no matter where you connect from, hackers and other predators cannot trace your IP back to where you live. Instead, they will get the address of our server and not be able to trace any further. Hackers are thereby prevented from obtaining your IP address and stealing your personal information or launching attacks against your home IP address.

SurfBouncer believes that your personal information belongs to you and we will never sell, loan or, in any way, provide your IP address or other information for any marketing purpose. Because we use PayPal, Amazon Payments and BitCoin as payment methods, you are assured that we never see your credit card information and, therefore, cannot data-mine you or cross-reference you across databases to create a profile of you.