SurfBouncer Personal VPN Flash Drive Virtual Machine

SurfBouncer Personal VPN Flash Drive Virtual Machine USA - Yearly $175.00 Includes a high speed 128 GB USB 3 flash drive and one year of service
(Shipping to North America is included)
SurfBouncer Personal VPN Flash Drive Virtual Machine Outside of North America - Yearly $225.00 For locations outside of North America:
$249.99 - Includes a high speed 128 GB USB 3 flash drive and one year of service

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The Virtual Machine Flash Drive VPN is a fully functional operating system, browser, email client and VPN — on a USB flash drive!

portable secure flashdrive computer with VPN

The VPN flash drive functions in two ways.  (please let us know which you prefer after ordering)

1) As a fully bootable computer system. Just plug it into any computer. Set the boot order to boot to the USB being first. The computer will boot from the flash drive into Linux Mint with features fully configured.

2) As a virtual machine that works with the free VirtualBox Player application — a well known free and widely utilized virtual machine player which is easy to use and install.

The player is installed on the host machine and can be used to run any VPN flashdrive computer

VirtualBox virtual machine. All the rest of the software, from the operating system to the VPN application, resides on the flash drive. Because all of your surfing occurs on the VPN and in the virtual machine, all records of your activity remain on the flash drive and are not transferred to the host system. The host computer you are on has no record of your online activity.

The flash drive operating system is encrypted so your data is safe if the drive is ever lost or stolen.

As an added benefit, you can freeze your computer session, remove the flash drive and when you go back to it (even days later) it will be exactly where you left off.


Upon loading the VPN virtual machine, it will boot up in Linux Mint with a fully functional, graphical user interface, Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client and dozens of other applications from music players to office suites. All of the software is already loaded. All you do is log in to the virtual computer, start SurfBouncer and enter your user name and password then launch the Firefox browser. You can surf anywhere you want through the secure VPN service. Bypass ISP and other network blockages and keep your surfing history private. When using the virtual machine your host machine operates as always and you can switch between the virtual machine and the host machine — instantly and seamlessly.

The system comes with a 128GB, high speed flash drive that contains the operating system and software, as well as room for your personal files.  The computer you are using this on requires a minimum of 2GB of memory with 4 GB preferred. The virtual machine will, by default, launch with 2 GB of memory. To use the virtual machine your base computer needs at least 4 GB of total system memory.

Your purchase of the USB Flash Drive VPN also includes one year of access to the standard Personal VPN service. After your first year, the annual rate is $100.00 billed at the end of your first (sign up) year.

Larger flash drives are also available. Please email us for prices for larger capacity drives.

Note:  The flash drive shown in the pictures above is for illustration only. New products from the flash drive manufacturers are introduced constantly and we will use the latest technology drive available when fulfilling your order.

*Note: Due to delivery problems with postal mail in many countries, international shipments are now by FEDEX. The total cost for a VPN Flash Drive shipped outside North America is $225.00 each, which includes shipping via Federal Express.  (Ordering multiple drives for one shipment will reduce this cost. Please contact us.)

We will ship overseas by postal mail only if you agree to take full responsibility for the shipment once it is put into the mail system. We will provide you with a tracking number and it then becomes your responsibility to handle any delivery issues in your country. If we have to re-ship a unit due to loss or hang ups in customs, you agree to pay for the cost of the new hardware and shipping. There will be no refund for the cost of a Flash Drive lost in the postal mail. Email us if you want to ship via postal mail. However, we encourage the FEDEX option because it is reliable.

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