SurfBouncer Portable Stealth SSL VPN

NOTE: This service has been depreciated and replaced with the Stealth VPN service.


Oftentimes, you cannot install software on a public computer or guest machine on which you have no admin rights.

Sometimes, you may find yourself behind a network that is totally locked down and blocks traditional VPN traffic.

The solution for these situations is to use our Stealth SSL service

Standard SSL connections (such as secure web pages used by banks) are allowed by most networks. The SSL function is not typically blocked — even on very heavily filtered networks. If they were, no browser https pages would function.

On occasion, the censors eventually discover the server IP address and block it. To ensure that the server address is not eventually detected and blocked, the stealth address changes daily and is never repeated.

In most cases, this service will break through when every other method has failed. We have tested this service in countries that block virtually everything. The Stealth SSL service has been shown to get through and allow people to break down the walls of censorship. Bypass firewalls, bypass censors and surf the web — free and clear.

This service is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and runs on any Windows machine without the need for admin rights or installation.

All Personal VPN customers are welcome to use this service, should they need it. It is not a replacement for the Personal VPN which is faster and more robust. However, for times when the Personal VPN cannot be used, this service gives our customers another option to secure their data and unblock web sites.

Ideal for use on a flash drive while traveling without your computer and using public or borrowed computers. Just plug in your flash drive, launch the application and you are secured and have access to all web sites.

This service is included in your Personal VPN subscription. Please send us an email requesting activation of the Stealth SSL service on your account. We will email you back a verification and instructions with a link to the daily SSL server address.