SurfBouncer Products

Personal VPN

Worldwide Personal VPN protection for your laptop and desktop. It protects all of your web-enabled applications. All traffic from your computer, including websites, Email, instant messenger and more, are passed through the SurfBouncer VPN tunnel. Includes High encryption OpenVPN, WireGuard VPN, Stealth Obfuscated OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP services. Special servers are also available to unblock geo-restricted video streaming sites.

WireGuard VPN

Using the newest VPN protocol WireGuard we offer server in countries around the world.  This new VPN protocol is lightweight and very fast as compared to previous VPN protocols.  It also, in many cases, cuts through tough firewall blocks in countries that censor the Internet.  This is WireGuard only service.  If you need WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP please see the Personal VPN service above.

Secure DNS

We also offer free and secure and anonymous DNS servers. These servers will not keep logs of your IP address or  a record of your Internet activity.  Our DNS servers also block known malware and phishing sites.

Personal VPN Family Plan

Get Personal VPN service for your family or for multiple computers in your home. The family plan allows up to 4 users to log using up to 8 simultaneous connections at the same time at a special rate.

Dedicated VPN Server – Static IP

The Personal VPN service with a Dedicated VPN server provides the same service for securing your data and unblocking web sites as the standard Personal VPN service. However, you will receive a fixed IP address and will be the only customer using that server and its IP address. This is ideal for applications where you want to access various sites and servers but want to ensure that nobody else is doing so from your IP address. Business users rely on this service to provide employees with a single private IP address from which to access company resources, allowing for greater security.

Static IP Personal VPN

All of the features of the Personal VPN service plus a static IP address. Ideal for accessing web sites that are IP sensitive such as banks and credit cards which is handy if you travel often.

VPN Router

Secure your entire home or small business network with this VPN appliance. All of your network traffic will pass through the VPN appliance and be encrypted before it leaves your local network. VOIP users can plug in their ip phones directly into the appliance or the network and use the power of the VPN to bypass ISP blocking schemes.

VPN on a USB Flash Drive

Fully functional and highly secure VPN on a flash drive. It opens in its own virtual window and is isolated from the operating system of the computer you are using. All VPN drivers, registry settings, surfing data and caches remain on the flash stick.

Virtual Machine VPN

A fully functional virtual image of a Linux operating system with VPN included. Ideal for keeping your web surfing activity private from the host machine.

Dedicated VPN Server – Changing IP

With these servers, the IP address of the server changes every day. This is ideal for people who want their own unique IP address but don’t want it to remain the same over time. The IP address change takes place in the background and no changes are required on the users end to switch IP’s.

Dedicated Business VPN Static IP Server

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses who want their own private, dedicated, business VPN server without the need for an IT department. Also ideal as a static IP VPN server that allows incoming connections. You can host web sites or allow access from remote computers to your laptop, while you travel. Your IP address is always the same, no matter where you are. Your computer can be accessed from anywhere.