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SurfBouncer Personal VPN:

To unblock web, social and video sites in Kuwait

Kuwait has become a hub in the Middle East with many people from around the world working there. Many of these people want to be able to get ‘a taste of home’ by watching television, videos and other entertainment from the USA and Europe. People from Kuwait also desire to watch this overseas entertainment.

Much of this media content is not available in Kuwait for two reasons. Some of it is blocked in Kuwait and much of it is blocked outside of the USA or Europe. However, there is a simple and effective solution to all of this.unblock Web Sites and Video in Kuwait

A Personal VPN that terminates in the USA or Europe will unblock web sites, unblock video sites (such as Hulu), and provide access to everything, worldwide.

Unlike Proxy servers which are slow, get blocked constantly and often cannot pass video, the VPN is a fast and secure method of connecting to the USA and Europe. While on the VPN, all of your traffic is encrypted so that your ISP has no idea what web sites you are going to or what you are watching. Your privacy is assured.

Proxy servers are also notorious for being set up by scammers who want you to use their proxy in order to compromise your computer and to further their scams. The Personal VPN is totally secure and operates using the highly regarded, open-source OpenVPN software. This software is well known in security circles as being the best VPN method available.

In general, Skype and IP phones are often blocked to allow the local telephone company long distance profits. Using the VPN to connect to Skype directly in the USA or Europe allows you to call to these places as if it were a local call. Calling the USA from Kuwait using the VPN will cost you less than $3 a month for unlimited calls.

Whether you want watch TV or video, download music, or just view web sites, SurfBouncer will make it happen by unblocking everything.

Three basic products to unblock Kuwait are shown below.

Personal VPN Service:

Personal VPN protection for laptops and desktops. SurfBouncer Personal VPN protects you while at home and when you travel. All of your data, including websites, Email, instant messenger and more, are securely passed through the encrypted VPN tunnel. Nobody in the country you are in can see where you are surfing or what you are looking at. Our IP address becomes your IP address, allowing you to unblock web sites from overseas.

Unblock sites, download videos, music or other content. Unblock all of the social web sites like MySpace and Facebook with ease.

Using a soft phone on your computer you can access Skype and other IP phone services at will.

Personal VPN – Starting at $5.00/week or $120.00/year

OpenVPN Lite:

Our Lite service includes servers in The USA, Europe, South America and Asia. Also included are our Stealth servers for bypassing firewalls in countries like China and in the Middle East.

OpenVPN Lite – Starting at $3.00/week or $80.00/year