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SurfBouncer Personal VPN:

To unblock IP phones and websites in UAE & Dubai

unblock UAE and Dubai with a Personal VPNMany people who live or work in the UAE want to access many web sites, social sites and video sites that are blocked. Some are blocked from the UAE and others are blocked from outside of the USA.

IP phone services such as Skype have become common worldwide and allow inexpensive calling. However, such IP phone sites are not accessible from the UAE.

SurfBouncer Personal VPN solves these problems and unblocks sites in the UAE.

SurfBouncer provides you with an American, Central or South American, Canadian, African, European, Australian and Asian IP address (you can switch between them at anytime) to unblock web sites.

Once you log in, all web sites will see you as coming from our IP in one of those countries. Sites in the USA that block content from outside of the USA now work. Sites blocked in the UAE are no longer blocked and you have an encrypted connection from your computer to our servers. Nobody in the UAE can see what sites you are visiting or what you are doing.

IP phones services can now function. If you make calls to the USA, they are all considered local and you no longer have to pay for international toll calls.

Unlike other VPN services, our IP addresses change several times a month and never repeat ensuring that you can always unblock sites.We provide multiple protocols and ports to access the service for maximum flexibility.These features make our service difficult to block by IP address, port or internet protocol, which assures you uninterrupted service.

Check out our three basic services below to unblock the internet from the UAE.

Personal VPN Service:

Personal VPN protection for laptops and desktops. SurfBouncer Personal VPN protects you while at home and when you travel. All of your data, including websites, Email, instant messenger and more, are securely passed through the encrypted VPN tunnel. Nobody in the country you are in can see where you are surfing or what you are looking at. Our IP address becomes your IP address, allowing you to unblock web sites from overseas.

Unblock sites, download videos, music or other content. Unblock all of the social web sites like MySpace and Facebook with ease.

Using a soft phone on your computer you can access Skype and other IP phone services at will.

$5.99 per week – $15.99 per month – $69.99 for every 6 months – $119.99 per year

Middle East Lite:

If you don’t need all the features and locations the regular Personal VPN service provides, we have a special Middle East Lite plan. This plan will save you money and unblock all sites. This plan uses the same high speed servers as our premium service. Special OpenVPN servers configured to work from countries like the KSA, UAE and others. Servers included are located in Cyprus, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, UK and USA. Also included are PPTP and L2TP servers in Cyprus, Canada, Netherlands, UK and USA.

$4.99 per month – $49.99 per year

Rotating IP VPN Service:

Using the Rotating IP VPN service provides users with multiple US and international IP addresses daily. The address you receive is randomly chosen from the daily pool each time you log in. The address pool automatically changes every day and the IP adresses do not repeat. With this service, you always have several unique and random IP addresses every day.

$7.99 per week – $21.99 per month – $99.99 per 6 Months – $179.99 per year

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