Personal VPN Routers

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Many customers have asked for a way to place multiple computers on the VPN at the same time (without having to log into multiple accounts) in order to cover their entire home or small business, secure their data and unblock web sites. Others have expressed great interest in being able to plug their stand alone IP phones, Skype phones, Vonage phones, VOIP ATA, Xbox, PS3, AppleTV or Roku directly into the VPN network.

We have partnered with two leading VPN router suppliers (FlashRouters and Sabai Technology) to offer a complete line of VPN routers to fit any need — from home to small business applications.

With a SurfBouncer Personal VPN® account, you can use any of these routers to bring VPN service to your entire network and all your devices.

If you are an existing SurfBouncer customer, you need only purchase one of the routers below.

If you don’t have a SurfBouncer account, pick a plan above. We’ll send your user credentials which can be used immediately with the OpenVPN software or using PPTP and L2TP. Then, once you purchase and receive your Sabai router, add the VPN account to it.

Check out the offerings from our VPN router partners below and pick the VPN router that best fits your needs.

Sabai routers            FlashRouters

GL.iNET Pre Configured Travel and Mini Routers.

SurfBouncer Personal VPN® service notes:

In some cases, orders will fail while using one of the methods above even though there is nothing wrong with your credit card. If that occurs, please try a different method as different processors have different criteria for approving orders.

NOTE: To protect your privacy and personal information to the maximum our VPN authentication servers are not tied to the SurfBouncer web site or order pages. This ensures that there is no connection between the order pages and the actual secure VPN servers. Other VPN companies that provide for instant setup of the purchase have been hacked and their users information including email addresses and identities stolen. With our system you may have to wait a few hours for your account to be set up. But you can be assured that your personal information, VPN credentials and connection are completely secure.

Orders are processed between 7:00 AM to 10 PM (7:00 and 22:00 hours) US Pacific time (GMT – 8). If you are ordering during the hours that our order processing department is closed, rest assured that your order will be processed first thing in the morning.

If you are using an automated spam protection system that requires verification be sure to add our domain ( to your white list. If you do not receive your user credentials within a few hours check your spam box in case it was erroneously put there. If it’s not there send us an email and we will resend it.

WARNING: We do not provide services to Nigeria, Cote d’ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone, Gabon and Cameroon. Trying to access the service from these countries will result in cancellation of your service.

BitCoin will not create a renewing subscription and must be renewed at the end of each term. To use BitCoin email us at and let us know what you want to purchase. We will send you a BitCoin payment address for the transaction.