Setting up the SurfBouncer Personal VPN Flash Drive


Day-to-day usage of the flash drive is as easy as plugging in the stick and launching VirtualBox

Download the free VirtualBox player. Install on your computer. VirtualBox is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Double click on the .vbox file in the flash drive virtual machine folder

The virtual machine will launch as shown below

Log into the VIrtual Machine:

Enter the machine encryption password we provided.

Launch VPN Virtual machine

Click on SurfBouncer VM and then enter the user password we provided.  This is also your root password for Linux

Log into VPN virtual machine

This is the default software menu of the machine

Linuc virtual machine

Set up the VPN connections:

All the SurfBouncer Personal VPN connections are installed on the machine.  All you need to do is enter your user name and password for each connection you wish to use.

Click on the Network Manager icon in the task bar. Click on VPN Connections. Click on Configure VPN

Configure vpn

Click on Add

Select Network

Click on Import a saved VPN configuration

Import vpn configuration

Click on Create

Virtual machine vpn network

Pick one of the connections you wish to use.

Select Personal VPN connection

Enter your SurfBouncer Personal VPN user name and password where shown below

Enter VPN login in credentials

Repeat the above steps for as many connections as you wish to use. You can always add more later.

To connect to the VPN:

Click on the Network Manager icon. Click on VPN Connections. Pick a connection

Personal VPN options

When the Network Manager icon shows the lock as below you are connected.

Connected to VPN