Virtual Machine VPN

Sometimes a user’s PC contains filtering software. Or, it may contain some type of key-logging software. Both circumstances can lead to censorship and privacy issues. When a filtering software is installed on the PC you are using, it is difficult to unblock by simply using a straightforward VPN solution. The reason is that the software that resides on your computer filters the content before it reaches the VPN.

Additionally, some customers are also faced with being directed to poisoned DNS servers that misdirect their web site requests or other forms of censorship that prevent access of the standard Personal VPN service. The Virtual Machine VPN is useful in cases such as these where your local network firewall is preventing a connection.

After consulting with many customers in parts of the world where this occurs, we have developed a solution to this problem. The Virtual Machine VPN is a fully functional computer operating system that works on your computer while remaining isolated from the main operating system. This virtual PC uses the host computer’s resources (such as the network connection) but does not allow the host to control any of its functions. Establishing a Personal VPN tunnel on the Virtual PC completely encrypts the traffic passing to the host PC. This prevents the host PC’s filtering software or DNS redirection issues from being able to read or act upon it. Because all keystrokes inside of the Virtual PC are isolated from the host operating system, key loggers become ineffective.

The Virtual PC includes the Personal VPN software, Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client and dozens of other applications.

Check the link for instructions and screen shots for the Virtual Machine VPN

This service is offered at no additional cost to Personal VPN customers. If you find that certain sites remain blocked or seem to perform oddly (even when using the Personal VPN) while other sites work correctly — you may have software on your computer that is hindering access. If this is the case, send us an email and we will send you a link to download the Virtual Machine VPN image. The file is about 6 GB in size and will take some time to download, depending on your connection.