“VPN frequently disconnects or is slow and web sites cannot be accessed”

This situation can have various causes. Some countries and networks actively try to disrupt VPN traffic. In other cases, mis-configured routers can cause problems for the VPN tunnel due to the size of the packets being transmitted.

An easy way to prevent this from affecting the Personal VPN connection is to adjust the packet size to a level small enough to not be affected.

In such cases, we recommend that you set the MTU of the OpenVPN connection to 1300.


–Right-click on the connection you are trying to use

–Select ‘Edit Config’

–Copy and paste the follow command on any blank line: mssfix 1300

–Save and close

–Exit the VPN GUI from the lower right hand task bar

–Restart the software from the OpenVPN-GUI desktop icon in the normal fashion

–Connect with the connection you just modified and see if it resolves the problem

Or, you can download the special installer below which has all the configurations set this way:

–Email us for the special installer link.

–After saving to your desktop, exit the VPN by right-clicking on the GUI icon in the lower right hand task bar. Select ‘Exit’.

–Right-click on the installer (Windows 7 and Vista users) and select ‘Run as Administrator’. For Windows XP, double-click to run the installer.

–After installation, restart the GUI as normal from the desktop icon.


–Email us for the special installer link.

–The system will ask for your Mac password followed by your SurfBouncer User/Password. If you have user information saved in your keychain is will also ask for permission to access the keychain twice. Once for the user name and once for the password.

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