How to setup PPTP or L2TP service on the Android Phone

How to setup PPTP or L2TP service on the Android Phone

We recommend L2TP for Android devices unless it is blocked in your area

Initial Setup:

Go to 'Settings'

Select 'Wireless Controls'

Select 'VPN Settings'

Select 'Add VPN'

For PPTP, Select 'Add PPTP VPN'


Enter a descriptive name at 'Set a VPN name'

Enter the server name we provide to you at 'Set VPN'

For L2TP, enter the IPSEC preshared key we sent you in the L2TP/PPTP setup email. Do not check the L2TP secret box.

Press 'Menu' and 'Save'

You might be asked to set a password for storage of the preshared key. If so, pick a password. This allows the key to be saved and not require it to be entered each time. Be sure to write down the password for future reference.


To connect:

Go to 'Settings'

Select 'Wireless Controls'

Connect to the network name you entered above

Enter your user name and password

Click on 'Connect'

A key icon will appear indicating that you are connected


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