Windows User: “NOTE: FlushIpNetTable failed on interface”

This note can appear in the log as OpenVPN connects to the VPN server. This is not a fatal error and the connection can continue normally. It is telling you is that the ARP table was not flushed. This note occurs when the ‘Routing and Remote Access’ service is running on your machine. (This setting is normally set to ‘disabled’ or ‘manual’ as routing is not a normal function of a laptop or desktop computer.)

You can ignore this in the log or you can stop it from occurring by turning off the ‘Routing and Remote Access’ service on your machine, assuming you are not using your computer in some sort of routing mode.

1) Go to your Control Panel

2) Select ‘Administrative Tools’

3) Select ‘Services’

4) Find ‘Routing and Remote Access’ in the list

5) Right click and set to ‘Manual’ — this will prevent it from starting up next time you boot up

6) To stop the current operation, highlight ‘Routing and Remote Access’

7) Click ‘Stop’ in the upper left hand part of the screen

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