Windows XP Installation Screen shots

The OpenVPN software being installed is Open Source and widely available. It is used by numerous companies around the world as their VPN software. Because it is Open Source and free to use, it is not Microsoft verified.

Should you see the following warning, choose ‘Run’ and proceed

Personal VPN software warning

Click ‘Next’

Install SurfBouncer Personal VPN

Agree to the terms of the Open Source license

Open Source license

Keep the default components selected and click ‘Next’

Keep SurfBouncer defaults

Keep the default install location so that future updates or configuration changes which we supply will install to the correct directory then click on ‘Install’

Keep personal vpn default location

The installation of the TAP driver will usually cause Windows to ask if you want to install it

Select ‘Continue Anyway’

The TAP driver is part of the OpenVPN package and is required for the VPN to operate. Sometimes the ‘Hardware Installation’ screen opens behind the ‘Installing’ screen. If the installation seems like it has stopped and the ‘Hardware Installation’ screen has not appeared, move the ‘Installing’ screen over to get to the ‘Hardware Installation’ screen so you can click on the ‘Continue Anyway’ button to proceed

Tap driver install

TAP warning

Click ‘Next’

Install complete

Installation is complete — click ‘Finish’ to wrap up

Finish SurfBouncer Personal VPN install