Cannot resolve host address:

[NO_DATA] The requested name is valid but does not have an IP address

This error in the SurfBouncer log indicates that DNS (Domain Name Resolution) is not properly resolving the server name and translating it to an IP address it can use. This can be due to several causes but most commonly is due to DNS poisoning in some countries that censor web sites. In essence, the DNS servers in these countries either refuse to resolve the name or provide the wrong IP address leading to a dead link.

This can be easily resolved by switching the DNS servers on your computer to international ones outside of your country.

There are many free DNS servers to choose from and all of them will fix the issue. Some common ones are:

Google DNS – and

OpenDNS – and

Verizon – and and and

If you wish you can mix these up when setting your DNS. For example use one of the Google servers and one of the OpenDNS servers.

For users outside North America we recommend you use either Google DNS or OpenDNS.

When changing your DNS servers be sure to change all network adapters you are using. This can include your wireless adapter, your Ethernet adapter and in cases where you are on a PPPoE (also shown as PPP) network the PPPoE adapter.

For details on changing your DNS in Windows see this page

For details on changing you DNS on a MAC see this page

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