Mac Troubleshooting

1. “Personal VPN connects but I cannot reach the internet …” (older versions of tunnelblick only)
2. “I have installed Tunnelblick but no connection options are shown ..
3. “Warning! Tunnelblick was unable to start OpenVPN ..

NOTE: We recommend changing your DNS servers to ones outside of your ISP and disabling IPv6 for maximum privacy and to prevent leaks that show your true location.  Recommended settings are in the setup email we send. If you don’t have this, email us for the details.

Check or change DNS and IPv6 settings

When Emailing us for support:

Let us know what operating system you are using and which version of the operating system. For example, Mac Mavericks version #, Mac Yosemite version #.

To make turnaround faster, please send a copy of your OpenVPN log file with your support email. This will tell us what’s happening on your end of the connection. this page for instructions on how to get and send the log file.