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SurfBouncer Personal VPN:

To unblock sites in the Middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE)

Unblock sites in the Far East (China, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand)

Unblock sites in South America and the Caribbean (Belize, Brazil, and Guyana)

Unblock sites with personal vpn A lot of people who live or visit these countries are amazed to learn of how many internet services are not available. In some places only IP phones are blocked to encourage the use of the state-run telephone system. In other places, web sites are blocked for various political or social reasons.

Whatever the situation — whether your local ISP or network owner is filtering traffic or the entire country is censored — the solution is the Personal VPN. Unlike proxy services which are slow, unreliable and constantly blocked, the VPN is secure and highly encrypted and does not limit bandwidth.

However all VPN’s are not the same.

Many VPNs on the market today are set up on PPTP servers which, while easy for the owner, are not the most secure solution for the user. There are also a lot of free and low cost players out there claiming the ability to unblock sites. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here. Free services, with limited bandwidth and speed, are full of advertisements. Some are even run by data mining companies who boast about how they can easily geo target their users. At the end of the day, regardless of claims of how superior someone’s data center is, bandwidth costs money and has to be paid for. These days, with video downloads the norm, people go through a lot of bandwidth. Companies offering free or cheap services have to pay for this. One way or the another, the customer is going to pay for the service. We feel it’s better to know up front what the cost is rather than hide it in small print and behind the scenes, all the while risking our data and privacy.

SurfBouncer runs multiple servers In North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our server addresses change often to prevent them from being blocked. We provide the most protocols and ports to access our servers of any other VPN vendor, further ensuring that our VPN will work where you are. Our services are up and running in countries where other VPN providers have given up. Check out the links below for more information on how to unblock websites today.

Personal VPN Service:

ersonal VPN protection for laptops and desktops. SurfBouncer Personal VPN protects you while at home and when you travel. All of your data, including websites, Email, instant messenger and more, are securely passed through the encrypted VPN tunnel. Nobody in the country you are in can see where you are surfing or what you are looking at. Our IP address becomes your IP address, allowing you to unblock web sites from overseas.

Unblock sites, download videos, music or other content. Unblock all of the social web sites like MySpace and Facebook with ease.

Using a soft phone on your computer you can access Skype and other IP phone services at will.

Personal VPN – Starting at $5.00/week or $120.00/year

OpenVPN Lite:

Our Lite service includes servers in The USA, Europe, South America and Asia. Also included are our Stealth servers for bypassing firewalls in countries like China and in the Middle East.

OpenVPN Lite – Starting at $3.00/week or $80.00/year