Windows Troubleshooting

aVista and Windows 7 Users:
1. "Personal VPN connects but does not unblock websites or change my IP..."
This is a common error when the OpenVPN GUI is not launched as administrator. For more information, see 'Operation' on the Vista setup page. To permanently set Vista to run OpenVPN as administrator and avoid this requirement, see the Vista Permissions page. For Windows 7, see the Windows 7 setup instructions. Or for Windows 8, see this page.

2. I cannot connect" - or - "TAP driver fails to load...

XP, Vista and Windows 7 Users:
1. "Personal VPN connects but I cannot reach the internet ..."
2. "Bandwidth speed seems to drop or be slow ..."
3. "Slow performance - Replay-window backtrack occurred - in log..."
(Try using the TCP version of the connection)
4. "The OpenVPN-GUI icon disappeared from the system tray..."
5. "NOTE: Flushing failed on interface..."
6. "C:\WINDOWS\system32 route.exe failed: The system cannot find the path specified..."
7. "All TAP-Win32 adapters on this system are currently in use..."
8. "OpenVPN does not support more than 50 config's..."

Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 Users:
1. "PersonalVPN connects but I cannot use the internet..."

Includes, but not limited to, the following log error:
'Warning: route gateway is not reachable on any active network adapters'
The route addition failed: Either the interface index is wrong or the gateway does not lie on the same network as the interface. Check the IP Address Table for the machine.

NOTE: The following links are to be used only if support advises this to troubleshoot installation or connection issues
Prevent DNS leaks with OpenVPN in Windows
Disable UAC Windows 7
Disable UAC Vista
Change DNS settings


When Emailing us for support:

Let us know what operating system you are using and which version of the operating system. For example, Windows XP SP-2, Windows 7 SP-2,Windows 8 SP-1

To make turnaround faster, please send a copy of your OpenVPN log file with your support email. This will tell us what's happening on your end of the connection. See this page for instructions on how to get and send the log file.